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Founder's Message

Since 1970, when I founded this law firm in Iraq, the land that produced the Hammurabi Code, one of the earliest known legal codes, my personal goal (and that of the firm as a whole) has been to provide the highest level of service to our clients whether in small disputes or multimillion-dollar transactions. Thanks to the relentless efforts of our team and our integrity we have become one of the most trusted and respected law firms in Iraq.

The entire Arab region, including Iraq, will be facing new challenges in the future. One particular task facing us at the moment is laying the foundation for a new just and open Iraqi legal system guaranteeing democracy and human rights. However, with our long experience and the respect we command in the legal field we feel we are up to any facing any challenge, however great, especially in this age of globalisation, bearing in mind the changing situations and our clients’ needs.

So let me welcome you into Iraq, the Cradle of Civilisation, and I hope we can assist you to take part in a new era of our 6000 year-old history.

Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan

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